About Us

Over 35 years of excellence

24hundred was created to help students across the Tidewater area perform at their highest level on the SAT.  For over 35 years, our team at 24hundred has been raising poor scores to good ones, good scores to great ones, and great ones to perfect ones.  The process we use is not mystical; we simply enable the students to achieve at their greatest potential. We do this by removing those things that commonly lower student's scores such as: fear of failure, ignorance of the test format, poor time management, lack of practice on actual tests, and poor test taking skills.
Glenn LaFerriere, former teacher of the year at Cox High school, founded 24hundred to help students achieve at their highest possible level.  Glenn was able to help students raise their SAT scores consistently using a proven curriculum that exposes students to the types of questions they will be given when taking the test.  His system also provides students with a number of “tricks” and techniques that will help them save precious time while testing, as well as keep them from making common mistakes. While Glenn has since moved to the Richmond area, we continue to use his proven curriculum and techniques.
Our team is currently led by Jeff Shoaf, who has been teaching mathematics in the Tidewater area for nearly 30 years.  Jeff is currently teaching AB & BC Advanced Placement Calculus, as well as Pre-Calculus, and Algebra II Trig at Norfolk Christian Schools.  Jeff was also a former Teacher of the Year at Cox High School.  He has been helping students specifically to beat the SAT for the past 25 years.
The rest of our team members at 24hundred are also knowledgeable, experienced, and distinguished in their fields.  Our team consists of three Teachers of the Year from Cox, one National Board Certified Teacher, and a number of accomplished teachers at Norfolk Christian Schools.  We look forward to the opportunity to help your students achieve at the level they are capable of attaining