Master the SAT

The Complete Package

  • This class is held for seven weeks prior to the SAT
  • Class meets twice a week, for 2 hours each night
  • Includes  a minimum of 27 total hours of instruction and practice in both of the  sections of the SAT (evidence-based reading and writing, and  mathematics)
  • Class sizes are between 15 and 30 students
  • Students  are grouped by ability based on prior tests and current math and  English courses to allow instructors to focus on a specific level of  potential.  This means no student is bored and no student is  embarrassed.
  • Students  will be taking sample tests throughout the course to reduce the "fear  factor" and to familiarize themselves with the test format
  • Each student will receive a copy of The Official SAT Study Guide for the New SAT  by College Board.  This book contains 4 practice SAT tests that will be  utilized in the classroom and can be used at home to reinforce  instruction
  • This course contains all of the material covered during the "Beat the SAT" program, but includes more detail and more practice.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (see below)  

Cost: $350

Beat the SAT

The One Day SAT Guide

  • This is a one-time class held approximately one week prior to each scheduled SAT
  • It includes 6 hours of total instruction on the two sections of the SAT (evidence-based reading and writing, and mathematics
  • This  course is for the student who wants to review the basics of each  section of the test as well as learn a few tricks and techniques that  will improve his or her score

Topics include:

  • Time management while testing
  • Properties of the different types of questions
  • Having a command of evidence in reading passage, interpreting words in context, and tackling paired passages
  • Grid-in  and Multiple Choice Math questions dealing with the heart of algebra,  data analysis, and advanced math topics that appear on the SAT
  • Expression of ideas and standard English conventions in argumentative, informational, and nonfiction narrative
  • How to tackle the optional Essay
  • Shortcuts to more difficult problems
  • Practice questions from all types of problems on the SAT

Cost: $90

Satisfaction Guarantee for the Master the SAT Course

Students are encouraged to take this class again OR the “Beat the SAT” course for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE until they see the results for which they are striving.

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